Geschäftsführerin, Bayern:

Bin voll gepackt mit Ideen und Anregungen nach Hause gekommen. Schon jetzt (mitten im Kurs) ist unser Unternehmen einen großen Schritt weiter gekommen. Eigentlich ist alles gar nicht so schwer zu tun. Alles einfach und logisch. Freu mich schon drauf, euch Erfolge mitzuteilen. Ich weiß, dass vieles bei uns ab sofort anders laufen wird und das gefällt mir total gut.”

Unternehmer Coaching / Mitarbeiter finden, Mitarbeiter binden ... Herbst 2014
— K.W. Unternehmerin, Landshut

Masterstudent / Vertreter der Studierenden:

Das Präsentationstraining mit Reinhard Austrup war äußerst interessant. Das Wissen wurde im Rahmen der Veranstaltung sehr gut vermittelt, besonders wichtige Punkte wurden prägnant und mit Nachdruck herausgearbeitet. Der gut strukturierte Vortrag kam bei den Studierenden hervorragend an, was an der sehr angenehmen Vortragsweise mit einem Schuss Humor lag. Für freuen uns auf die weitere Zusammenarbeit.
— Markus H., University of Applied Sciences, Landshut

Geschäftsführer, Premiumsegment, Küchenhandel:

Reinhard Austrup habe ich im Rahmen von mehreren Trainings und Workshops bei bulthaup kennen und sehr schätzen gelernt.
In einer Reihe von Schulungen und in der Führungskräfte- Fortbildung hat er sich für mich als ein ganz ausgezeichneter Trainer und Coach erwiesen. Von Anfang an war ich von seiner engagierten und erfrischenden Art und seiner konsequenten Umsetzung der Seminare eingenommen. Seine Verbindlichkeit, Disziplin und vor allem sein breitgefächertes und fundiertes Wissen haben mich über die Jahre sehr begeistert. Gepaart mit einer ordentlichen Portion Humor, seinem stringenten Stil und vor allem der Leidenschaft mit der er die Themen präsentiert und mit uns Teilnehmern ausgearbeitet hat, ist er immer eine große persönliche Inspiration für mich gewesen. Ich habe die Zusammenarbeit über die Jahre immer von Herzen genossen.
— Torlev. B., Hamburg, Berlin

Project Manager Sales & Project Business, New York:

I have really enjoyed the lessons learned directly from Reinhard. He is an excellent motivator and trainer. His passion and extensive knowledge, whatever the topic he teaches, gets people moving. He’s very persuasive in his methods. Convincing people to accept ownership of the lessons on hand is one of his strong training skills. This empowers those being trained to own what they do or don’t take away from the given training. He is direct and to the point format keeps everyone engaged. He is constantly observing and checking in with each person during a discourse to ensure all are at the same level. Expressing complicated matters in common verbage is one of his strongest assets. And of course, we could never forget his charm and great sense of humor.
— John B. , Director of Operations , Los Angeles / New York


Retail Partner, Owner, Luxury Kitchens, Beirut:

We have been active not only over Lebanon , but also over Syria , Jordan, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia , France , England , etc.. reaching areas as far as Antigua. We must recognize that the intensive yearly trainings of all kinds at bulthaup helped us a lot in our sales action , especially with skilled trainees like yourself , especially that Bulthaup kitchens are linked to sophisticated engineered systems. You taught us how to offer holistic solutions for living spaces: Sitting , eating , enjoying together and talking to each other; that’s what makes the kitchen the heart of the home, and the focus of communication.

Thanks to your skills and devotion, each one of us who attended your passionate training sessions at bulthaup over the years , could find his own way to promote the bulthaup brand inside his own lifestyle’ s perspective : We learnt from you how to integrate the genius bulthaup systems in this respect. And this could only be achieved thanks to your thorough teaching of what bulthaup is all about. We will not forget you , Dear Reinhard , and thanks once again for your “year-after-year” fantastic training sessions at bulthaup.
— H & P.N., Beirut, Lebanon

Marketing Manager, Luxury Kitchens, New York:

I have known Mr. Austrup for several years, and can unequivocally attest to his enthusiasm, integrity and ability. In his position as Corporate Training Manager for Bulthaup GmbH Co &KG, Mr. Austrup clearly demonstrated his ability to capture his audience of architects and other design professionals in the most creative way. He was not only always extremely well prepared and informed, but he made an otherwise somewhat boring training session extremely entertaining and enjoyable. The fact that Mr. Austrup speaks several languages fluently was an added benefit to conducting these training sessions. Mr. Austrup has a deep understanding for cultural differences and regional market needs. As training manager he was able to adapt the topic of the training sessions to local needs and demands, yet never forgetting to deliver the core brand values.

As a colleague he was always very helpful, knowledgeable and courteous. He approached his work with a conscientiousness and enthusiasm and was admired by all who worked with him. Employees like Mr. Austrup are not easy to find and I am confident that he would be a great asset to your company.
— Ute J. M. Marketing Manager, New York


Architect, Retail Partner, Luxury Kitchens, Toronto / New York:

“I had the pleasure of meeting Reinhard Austrup in Aich, Germany, where he lead a kitchen planning / design workshop at the Bulthaup Headquarter. Reinhard was a great orator and presenter, he effortlessly imparted his knowledge of German design, and key role that Bulthaup played in the development of the modern kitchen. He had well organized learning materials and exercises designed to make learning kitchen design and planning not only insightful, but fun. Reinhard, is gregarious and knows how to build team spirit. In short order, he knew everyone in the workshop by their first names. He kept the group in rapt attention and added a levity from time to time to keep the 12 plus hour sessions engaging. I had an awesome time in Germany, I learned a great deal but most of all I gained a great colleague and friend in Reinhard Austrup. Reinhard is an asset to any company.”
— Robert. O. , Designer , Toronto / New York

Architect, Luxury Kitchens, London:

It was pleasure to work with Reinhard who’s is an excellent trainer who always find another way of approaching and dealing with different issues. Reinhard service and presentation skills are spot on, easy to understand and work with. I was able to work with him in a huge amount of questions in a short period of time. I would highly recommend his training for any companies whose not only looking for structured trainigs but also attend to be a pleasure working environment and willing to learn something new in a really efficient way.
— - V. Designer, London